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Tom Quinn Kumpf grew up in a predominantly Irish, working-class neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He served with the U.S. Navy in Vietnam and has since worked as a photojournalist in other conflict areas of the world. He is an internationally recognized, award-winning photographer, writer, and poet whose work has appeared in news publications and in exhibitions throughout the U.S., Europe, and the former USSR.


Today, Tom works primarily in documentary, fine art, travel, and portrait photography, teaches individuals and group photo workshops, serves as a consultant for photo projects and exhibitions, and acts as a storyteller at Irish festivals in the U.S. His fine-art prints are represented by a number of galleries and agencies while a stock photo library of nearly 200,000 photographs provides images to media outlets, businesses, corporations, and individuals worldwide. He currently lives in a small mountain village in Northern New Mexico. 

Tom Quinn Kumpf

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