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Tom Quinn Kumpf


Select Group Exhibitions

  • ​Peace Through the Lens – An American Story

             CHAC Gallery & Cultural Center, Denver, 2017

  • ​Love in 2016

            The Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis,  2016            ​

  • Celebration! A History of the Visual Arts in Boulder             University of Colorado Dept. of Art and Art                               History,  Boulder, CO, 2016 


  • Two Tours                                                                                            Galeria Arriba, Abiquiu, New Mexico  2016


  • 8by8: Highway 12 Workshop Exhibit

            The Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota,  2016


  • ​​​​Taos and Beyond

            Toas Town Hall, Taos, NM,  2015, 2016


  • Water, Water Everywhere – Poems, Short Prose, & Art

             An on-going, on-line group exhibition, 2014 


  • The Map Is Not The Territory: Parallel Paths: Palestinians, Native Americans, Irish

             A touring exhibition 2013–2018, Washington DC,                            Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, London


  • Hooked On Photography

             The Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2010


  • Road Work Ahead

             The Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2009


  • 20-20 Vision

             The Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2008


  • National Publishing Conference

             The Hague, Rotterdam, Holland, 1994


  • Northwest Winter Outdoor Sports Action Photo Competition

             Missoula Museum of the Arts, Missoula, Montana, 1992


  • The Intervet Art Exhibition

             Moscow, USSR, 1990



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